What's Inside:

*3 full months included*

  • Weekly Workout Schedule
  • Customized Workout Videos 
  • Customized Nutrition Plan/Meal Guide 
  • Weekly Coaching Video
  • Weekly Guided Meditation Video 
  • 1 Live Coaching Session with your Bridal Coach, Taylor Bosco 
  • Email & Text Access for Questions, Advice, & Optional Additional Accountability via Coaching Sessions

Results to Expect:

  • Fat Loss
  • Increased Daily Energy
  • Full Body Tone Up
  • Reduced Stress
  • Happier Mood Daily, Enhanced Confidence
  • Enhanced Productivity Making it Easier to Finish Planning Your Big Day
  • More Fun in Your Relationship 
  • Healthier Skin/Natural Glow 
  • Knowledge on How to Live Better For The Rest of Your Life 

Personalized Bridal Coaching

Your first month is free. *Save $500!*

Don't waste any more time "thinking" about getting in shape for your wedding. It's time to start DOING!

What you need is a solid plan designed by a professional personal trainer who specializes in getting women's bodies to their most attractive shape. 

What you also need is a solid plan designed by a professional life coach to ensure stress doesn't get the best of you during this crucial time. Not only will stress cause you to look tired & hold onto fat, it'll ruin this whole occasion for you. Let's clear the anxieties and get you feeling blissful.

Here, you're getting both. Plus, you'll also be equipped with a personalized eating guide so your nutrition can be on point as well, this way your training can be shown off physically. 

 $1,497.00 NOW $997.00

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"I lost 12 pounds in the first 5 weeks, before that I was in a serious plataeu. I love the meditations too they are really helping me!! Still have the rest of the program to finish but I am SO excited about this, now I'm looking forward to next week's weigh in AND my next dress fitting!!!" - Amy C., Bride of Bliss Client